Alberobello (Bari)

In Alberobello, an artistic and cultural jewel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996 for its characteristic trulli, the new Waste Collection System has started. The air is changed, we make a difference together!

The Waste Municipal Collection Center is located on C.da Cielo Cielo.

Open to the public from October 1st to May 31st: from Monday to Saturday from 8.30AM to 12PM, , Thursday from 3PM to 6PM, Sunday from 9AM to 12.PM. Closed on holidays.

Open to the public from June 1st to September 30s: form Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 12.30PM, Thursday from 3PM to 6PM, Sunday from 9AM to12PM. Closed on holidays.

The Front Office is located in Vico primo Don Francesco Gigante 7 D.

Open to the Public: Monday and Thursday from 3PM to 6PM. Closed on public holidays.

How to contact the city

Phone: 800 80.10.20

Fax: +39 0832 792301